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Wizz'titi is the most complete park in the region (from a motor skills and play point of view).

We are aimed at all audiences: children, adults, grandparents, people with disabilities, people with vertigo or, on the contrary, people who want to surpass themselves.

It is often difficult to choose an activity that satisfies each member of the family. With our concept and our team, there is little chance that you will go wrong!

We offer what you very often call "tree climbing" but which is in fact an acrobatic course at height or an adventure course in the forest.
This activity is practiced with a harness and a safety system (carabiners and lanyards).

Our first courses are at low height and are aimed at children from the age of 4 years.
Parc Wizztiti - Présentation
Parc Wizztiti - Présentation - Difficulté parcours pour tous
Parc Wizztiti - Présentation - boussole
The more confident you are, the more you can go on the highest and most difficult routes. Our operators are always present to guide and advise you based on how they have seen you evolve on the other courses.

During a mandatory initiation session, a qualified guide welcomes you, equips you and explains the safety instructions and the use of the equipment provided on an initiation course specially designed for this purpose (duration: approximately 15 minutes). During the test course, he checks your ability to climb and that you have fully understood the safety instructions.

We have also thought of the little ones from their first steps: a motor skills course will allow them to do like the big ones 20 cm from the ground by overcoming obstacles alongside their parents. In addition, the activities on the ground please them enormously.

And for those who have vertigo or accompanying persons ?

Well yes, we also thought of them. Thus, our barefoot trail or our suspended trail will allow you to gain self-confidence and experience emotions and sensations unexplored until now. Walking barefoot also means changing pace, choosing simplicity, entering into symbiosis with nature and the rare opportunity to awaken all your senses!

Other activities are also offered at no extra charge depending on the season and the weather: self-guided archery (with a suction cup system), running or orienteering, blowpipe and a suspended trail that will take you to nearly 10 m height without equipment.
Animators constantly roam the site on the ground in order to advise, secure and help if necessary

WIZZ'TITI offers 3 major activities 
Tree top adventure for all levels and all ages
barefoot trail 
elf trail ( a net course for little children)

Useful informations
Parking for cars and coaches, drinks, sandwiches, children's corner, green space, picnic areas, playground
Parc Wizztiti - Présentation - Accompagnateurs expérimentés