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Barefoot path

Barefoot path

Have you heard about « earthing » ?
This is a alternative word for being barefoot.

Our park offers you a chance to develop your “feet sense” on a barefoot path, 450m long there you will walk on different “sensations” like sand, grass, pebbles or mud.... At the beginning, shoes can be stored on shelves, and at the conclusion, facilities for washing feet are provided( foot fountain).

Is going barefoot good for you?

Mankind has walked the Earth for a long time, but shoes and sandals are recent. Early studies show the health benefits of walking barefoot.

Firstly, it will improve your balance. “Earthing” develops muscles in your feet which benefit the rest of the body, especially the back. It is a gain for your posture. Pain in your lower back ould disappeared if you walk barefoot for an extended period.

Secondly you will feel more connected to the Earth. The energy transmitted from the ground can give you a sense of stability and surfootedness. It is natural !

Thirdly, your feet will become stronger and healthier. It improves your circulation. Your feet will not feel cold anymore and will be more resistant to abrasion and blistering. It will be a stressless experience because you have to walk very slowly and carefully to feel all the “sensations”. You follow the rythm of the nature, you are in connection with the nature.

You can liberate your mind by liberating your feet !

Finally, We can say that we are not used to pay attention to all materials on which we walk everyday like pebbles, twigs, fine gravel, pinecones or grass. Now, thanks to us, you will have a heightened awareness of underfoot surfaces.

If your unable to go barefoot daily then we would strongly siggest “earthing” on our barefoot path.

Escape from the everyday and let your mind connect with nature and Earth.


Simply, by working, we exercise our muscles and cardiovascular system, we can improve our mental health, reduce stress and support our iverall wellbeing. Kicking our shoes off seems to multiply these benefits.

We evolved close to the Earth and it’s only relatively recently that modern life has increased our separation from nature.

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