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How safe will I be?

How safe will I be?

Clic-IT Safety Harness at Adrenalin Forest

Our revolutionary Clic-it system ensures a continuous connection to the safety line – this eliminates the risk of accidental removal of both safety devices while on the course.Clici-it Safety System

We will fit your harness and give you a thorough briefing then you will test the gear in our supervised testing area until you are confident that you can go on the course and remain safe at all times.

Our staff a trained in safe retrieval and rescue procedures to be able to bring people off the course
Safely from any point when they reach their limits either physically or mentally.

We visually check our couse and our gear on a daily basis and carry out regular thorough
inspections throughout the year.

Every year the course is inpected by a civil engineer and and a qualified arborist.

We take pride in maintaining a high standard of safety at Wizz'titi Park